Dance Dance Dance Ltd. first opened its doors in September of 1984.
Since then, the studio has developed a positive reputation of giving its students a strong dance education, in an encouraging and motivating atmosphere. 

Our teachers firmly believe that the lessons learned in the dance studio go way beyond the art of dance itself. Dance teaches young artists to have poise and self-confidence in themselves. Many of our dancers have gained enough training to become LaGuardia High School graduates, State Pageant finalists and title holders, dance wear models, appear on national television shows, professional stage choreographers, television producers, teachers, and dance team coaches.
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Meet the family!
Diane Bush
Karen Bush
Briana McCoy
Brittany McCoy
Artistic Director/Instructor
Instructor/Social Media extraordinare

3 Phrases to describe my dance background:
    1 - I started dancing at the age 3, and haven't looked back                  since.
    2 - Former Vice President of Dance Educators of America
    3 - Trained with dance legends Charles Kelley, Luigi, and                     Frank Hatchett, just to name a few.

Fun Fact: I love Grey's Anatomy, and my dancing doggie, Clara (after The Nutcracker's main character).

Favorite Routine: "On Broadway" (2006), "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (2013),"Newsies" (2017)... I can't decide!

Teaches: Creative Movement, Beginner Ballet, Jazz, Acrobatics, all levels of Contemporary Lyrical, Musical Theatre Company Contemporary Lyrical and Jazz. 

3 Phrases to describe my dance background:
    1 - I was born into the dance studio, and started dancing at the          age of 2.
    2 - I received overall choreography awards for my piece,                    "Hanging Tree"
    3 - I choreographed my first professional show in 2016, "Hats              Off to Liza". It payed tribute to one of show business'                      greatest icons, Liza Minnelli.  

Fun Fact: Ice coffee is life!

Favorite Routine: "Coming Home" (2017), where the dancers portrayed Ellis Island immigrants.

Teaches: all levels of Acrobatics, Tiny Tap, Jazz, and Company Jazz and Acrobatics.

3 Phrases to describe my dance background:
    1 - Born and raised a DDD dancer, and I couldn't be prouder!
    2 - Senior Miss Dance Educators of America 2013, and Overall                Highest Scoring Routine for my solo/Senior Miss Trowdown in              2014.
    3 - Trained with dance innovator Charles Kelley, in Acrobatics.                  What an experience! 

Fun Fact: I'm obsessed with Harry Potter, and Rachelle Rak is my spirit animal!

Favorite Routine: I don't think there's a routine I performed or choreographed that I didn't like. I love them all!

Teaches: Creative Movement, Tap, Classical Ballet, Musical Theatre, Company Tap and Musical Theatre.

3 Phrases to describe my dance background:
    1 - I'm certified through Dance Educators of America
    2 - Dance should be fun! I bring dance into the schools, and                    construct performances with the students.
    3 - Trained with dance legends Luigi, Phil Black and Joe                      Michaels, just to name a few.

Fun Fact: I still can't figure out my iPhone.

Favorite Routine: "Oliver" (2014)